Daniel Varga Joins Revolution Robotics Team

Daniel Varga joins the Revolution Robotics team as the Senior Robotics Platform Developer.

Here is a little bit about Daniel:

In his youth, Dani did not get the Commodore 64 with all of the games he wanted, so he created his own games on an Enterprise computer. Later, Dani realized that building the Lego Technic kits using the provided instructions was boring to him after the second time. Subsequently, he built his own self designed, computer controlled LEGO robots in the early 90’s with the help of his father, an electrical engineer. Dani’s enthusiasm for building robots continues to this day, as he's led a robot build team and founded the RobonAUT robotics contest. This passion drove him to join the Revolution Robotics Foundation to support STEM education, where his work will help inspire students around the world.

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