Funding Your Revolution Robotics Program

Congratulations on taking a step forward to engaging the next generation of leaders and innovators in STEM. We are happy that you are considering the Revolution Robotics platform into your STEM education program.  You know that Revolution Robotics offers premium open source resources to help your students learn better and connect with other robotics users. You also know that the Revolution Robotics Challenge kit—which meets each of the Toy Manufacturing Association’s 14 qualifications for good STEM/STEAM toys—is a lasting investment for your classroom, one that will empower you to provide a robust education in STEM principles that excites your students about robotics.

We know that school systems are often contending with increasingly tight budgets, and that educators like you are in the position of having to provide your own school supplies—while operating under your own budgetary considerations.  The Revolution Robotics Foundation understands these concerns. Our mission as a truly non-profit organization is to make a high quality, interactive robotics education affordable and accessible for all children and families, and we carry that mission into how we price and distribute our platform. As part of this mission, we’re offering some options and suggestions for how you could fundraise to provide our services to your classroom. 

Some local counties and municipalities have special programs and foundations devoted to subsidizing educational opportunities. For instance, groups like The Birmingham Education Foundation and The Shelby County Schools Foundation in Alabama provide educators with additional resources as they plan their curriculum – you might find similar organizations within your own state, city, or county. The crucial need for a STEM-oriented workforce has prompted national organizations, such as the Toshiba America Foundation, to provide STEM-oriented funding for project-based learning. The Toshiba America Foundation accepts submissions on a rolling basis, so there’s plenty of time to prepare your grant applications in advance. 

Here are some additional links that might be of use:

AZ - APS STEM Grants

MD - Abell Foundation

STEM Grants on STEMFinity Website - This site has listing for municipalities across the nation.

However, sometimes, there may be a more immediate need to fundraise – and, fortunately, there are many ways to hold fundraisers from the comfort of your own home. Crowdfunding has never been easier: Outlets like GoFundMe and IndieGoGo are enormously popular and they allow donors to share money with individuals, as opposed to businesses or inventors. There are also crowdfunding websites specifically devoted to teachers, such as and  If you’re wondering how to describe Revolution Robotics to potential donors, our website provides promotional and educational copy that directly and succinctly describes our product and our value—and you’re welcome to use that for your own needs. 

We are honored in your faith that Revolution Robotics will engage and inspire your classroom full of budding innovators and leaders. Our team wishes you the best in finding the resources you need for a happy and productive school year. 


  • Miller Roberts

    Baltimore Teachers,
    Here is another funding opportunity for STEM in the classroom from BGE. Deadline is October 31st.

  • Miller Roberts

    Baltimore City Teachers – Visit the Baltimore Community Foundation website to learn about the different grants available to support educational programs.

  • Miller Roberts

    Teachers in Alaska: Visit to find out information about several grants that are open to support educational programs in different parts of Alaska.

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