Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Open Source Robot Kit

The Revolution Robotics Foundation is reimagining educational robotics. Led by co-founders Jared Schrieber and Jason Morrella, the foundation is a true non-profit focused on making kids robotics programs affordable, accessible, educational, fair, and fun. Revolution Robotics is proud to announce our first major crowd-funded initiative: The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit.

The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit will make robotics accessible to students, children, and families from all backgrounds by offering open source community support, free online resources and activities, as well as mobile control and programming with existing iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. These features make the Challenge Kit an ideal way to introduce kids from ages 8-13 to educational and competitive robotics – it offers instructions to help youngsters create their first robot, and then use the accompanying Revolution Robotics app’s special drag and drop function to configure, program, and, of course, drive their robot. The app also allows more experienced robot builders the thrill of going beyond the process of building their own creation by providing a Python-based coding function that empowers them to write their own code.

The Challenge Kit is an instant robot-building lab, offering over 530 pieces – including the RaspberryPi-based brain; five motors; an ultrasonic sensor; accelerometer; gyro sensor; bumper switch; gears; and 50 axles (among other key components). The kit will make the science, the art, and above all, the fun of robotics accessible for all users – so it’s fitting that the Revolution Robotics Foundation is currently crowdfunding these kits through Kickstarter.

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