Revolution Robotics Launches in New York

New York Student Driving Revvy Robot


This past Monday, December 16th, Rosemary Hua and Miller Roberts had the opportunity to attend the District 27 CEC meeting to talk about launching the Revolution Robotics program in Queens. Elected officials, Superintendent Ambert, district administrators, teachers, and families got a chance to hear about the program and drive robots. 

STEMA Poster

The funding to support the Revolution Robotics progam in Queens has been made possible by support from Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart eCommerce USA. Mr. Lore is one of the nation's most celebrated entrepreneurs and is a firm believer in supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. The funding will allow the Revolution Robotics Foundation the capability to establish a quality, inaugural program in the city. 

“Our team has been working hard to build a low-cost robotics kit and free mobile app so that students of all income backgrounds can learn how to code and build custom robots. We’re excited and humbled that a leader as inspiring as Marc Lore has decided to support our mission!” said Rosemary Hua, CEO of the Revolution Robotics Foundation.

Mr. Lore’s contribution to the foundation will provide the resources needed to start 18 Revolution Robotics teams within Queens.  More important, the investment will establish Queens as one of Revolution Foundation’s first competition cities.  Subsequently, there will be a area-wide competition in May 2020 to showcase the skills and capabilities learned by the students during this inaugural competition season. 

Sites chosen to participate in the inaugural competition season will receive the Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit, which is a complete robot-building package, offering over 530 pieces – including the Raspberry Pi based brain; five powerful motors; an ultrasonic sensor; accelerometer; gyro sensor; bumper switch; gears; axles; and hundreds of structural pieces. The accompanying Revolution Robotics app will provide kids ages 8 -13 an easy-to-use drag and drop programming interface to configure, code, and control their robots with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. More experienced robot builders and programmers can also enjoy the thrills of writing more complex code via Python. The Challenge Kit also fulfills each of the Toy Manufacturing Association’s 14 qualifications for good STEM/STEAM toys – making it a valuable investment that offers a comprehensive education in STEM principles. 


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