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jared schrieber

Co-Founder & President

Superpower: Inspiring Others

Jared is a serial entrepreneur, start-up investor, and board member. He is the Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of InfoScout as well as Co-founder of the Pat Tillman Foundation.

As a former algebra teacher, football coach, and athletic director, Jared has always had a passion for both STEM education and competitive sports. More recently, he turned his garage into a lab where he mentored his kids' robotics teams.

Rosemary DeAragon

Chief Executive Officer & Board Director

Superpower: Having a Bias for Action

Rosemary Hua is a tech industry leader and seasoned non-profit executive with more than 10 years of experience leading a global charity. She is the Co-founder of Empathy FX International which builds and maintains schools in Ghana. In the corporate world, Rosemary is a seasoned leader in the eCommerce industry, working as the Head of Retail Strategy at Snowflake, and previously at both retail giants Walmart and Amazon. 

With a background dually rooted in education non-profit and tech industries, Rosemary is well positioned to advance the mission of Revolution Robotics and to inspire students around the world to pursue STEM degrees and careers. 

Jason Morella

Co-Founder & Board Director

Superpower: Building A Better Tomorrow

Prior to co-founding Revolution Robotics, Jason was the President of the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, launching and building the VEX and VEX IQ Robotics Programs, eventually becoming the world's largest robotics competition.

Jason's past endeavors include overseeing the Western United States for FIRST Robotics for seven years, being a member of the Game Design Committees for FIRST and VEX, testifying before the U.S. Congress as an expert on STEM Education, and being named the San Jose Unified School District Teacher of the Year in 1999.

Dave Lavery

Board Director

Dave Lavery founded and directs the NASA Robotics Alliance Project, including NASA participation in the FIRST robotics competition program. This project focuses on exposing high school students to real engineering challenges by having them work side-by-side with professional engineering mentors.

At NASA, Dave currently manages the design and development of the next generation of Mars exploration spacecraft, and advanced technologies to enable them. He is the NASA Program Executive for the Mars Science Laboratory mission and the joint European-U.S. Mars Express mission. 

Our STEM Superheroes

David Dudas

Chief Technology Officer

Superpower: Getting Things Done

David has about 8 years of experience in the automotive industry and robotics. He is a founding board member of the Hungarian Robot Builders Association.
David is a passionate robot builder with years of experience bringing embedded projects from concept to mass production. He joined Revolution Robotics in 2018 to bring our robots to life for students, makers, and enthusiasts around the world.

Balazs Maczak

Lead Mobile App Developer

Superpower: Understanding Obfuscated Code

Since Balázs started mobile development almost a decade ago he worked with a broad variety of companies from small start-ups to multinational enterprises as well. He really enjoys building awesome things - for which programming is a fantastic tool - and he believes that with right STEM education more and more people can share his passion. As a father of two Balázs is really excited to help Revolution Robotics transform the way future generations can learn about the world.

Aron Pavel

Mobile App Developer

Superpower: Coding While Sleeping

My name is Áron Pável, and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I've been developing mobile applications since 2012. I've been working on platforms (both natively and on React Native as well) and web applications.

Daniel Buga

Embedded Developer

Superpower: Misunderstanding the Obvious

Daniel is an electrical engineer who loves killer tech - except for killer robots. He believes that technology can make the world a better place and STEM education is an essential part of this.

2019 internship

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Vajk Hermecz

Software Developer

Superpower: Staring Down Problems

Vajk was 4 years old when he got a Commodore 64 and he is working with computers ever since. Learning programming languages is like learning a second language to him.

Vajk recognizes the power of getting involved with technology at an early age and he wants to enable others to experience this journey.

Miller j. Roberts

Program Development Director

Superpower: Providing Encouragement

Miller, a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, joins the Revolution Robotics team with 10 years of competitive robotics experience. He looks forward to being a part of this exciting new platform and inspiring more of tomorrow’s STEM leaders.

Kayla Bayusik

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Superpower: TBD

Kayla is a Social Media Marketing specialist who went on a trip to Hungary for her internship with us this summer! Please read about her experience here.

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