Robot Brain LED Guide



Internal battery LED

    The LED color indicates the charge level of the Robot Brain's internal battery:

    100%              66%               33%              0%

    If it’s blank, your Robot Brain is turned OFF or its internal battery is completely discharged.
     If it’s solid red, and every other LEDs are blank, your Robot Brain's battery is seriously discharged and you should charge it immediately.

    Charging the internal battery

    Note that you can charge the Robot Brain ONLY when it’s turned ON by flipping the Power Switch up.

     While the Robot Brain is charging, the  LED color will switch between blue to show that charging is in progress and a color on the scale above to indicate the current charge level.
     When the blue blinking stops and the  LED is solid green, your Robot Brain is fully charged.

     If the  LED blinks red while charging, this indicates that your charger cannot deliver enough power. If this happens, please replace your charger/cable and make sure that it's capable for 2A @ 5V.

    Motor battery pack indication

    When the Robot Brain is turned ON and Motor battery pack is connected, the  LED will show the charge level of the motor battery pack. From green (100%) to red (0%).
     If the Motor battery pack is not connected to the Robot Brain the  LED will be blank.
     If you drive your robot without the Motor battery pack attached every LED will go blank and the  LED will show a red warning sign.

    Wireless connection LED

     After the Robot Brain fully boots and you see the pulsing green light on the LED circle, this LED will blink in blue . This blinking indicates that your Robot Brain is ready to connect to the mobile app. When you are successfully connected to the mobile app, the  LED will change to solid blue.

    Robot Brain Status LED

    The  LED is red if the Robot Brain is turned ON, the Robot Brain's internal battery is charged, and you are not actively controlling your robot.
    The LED switches to green when you are actively remote controlling your robot. If the LED remains green the communication between the Robot Brain and the Mobile App is stable.
    In special cases, such as when you execute motor or sensor tests, the LED will turn orange. This is OK and not a concern.

    Turning ON the Robot Brain

    After turning ON your brain the  LED will immediately show the internal battery level.
    The LED ring will show the booting progress with yellow LEDs:

    Once the booting process completes, the LED circle will flash green .

    Robot Brain error

    If your Robot Brain cannot start properly, the LED ring will rotate in red .

    If this happens, try to power off and back on your Robot Brain. If restarting the Brain doesn’t help, you can restore the Robot Brain’s Software on the SD card anytime with the help of this guide:
    If the red rotating ring happens during the update procedure, please wait a few minutes before restarting the Robot Brain again.

    Updating the Firmware

    When you update your Robot Brain's firmware from the Mobile App, you’ll see rainbow colors flashing on the LED ring:

    During the update procedure the Robot will disconnect from the Mobile App and it’s possible that you’ll see the red rotating ring for a few seconds. This is OK.

    During the update procedure when all 4 status LEDs will turn to purple and you’ll see a blue progress animation on the LED ring you just have to wait a few seconds before the update completes.

    Troubleshooting by LEDs