Roughly 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  In addition, these will be among the most high paying jobs in society with the greatest opportunities for further career advancement. Yet, globally only 1% of graduates pursue STEM-related fields. This is truly an educational crisis of global proportions.

To make matters worse, the pursuit of STEM-related degrees is severely impacted by students' gender, race, and household income - factors over which these would-be innovators have no control. When our schools and communities fail to provide these students with exposure and hands-on experience, we rob these kids of their potential and we exacerbate the shortage of qualified STEM graduates entering tomorrow's workforce.

Nearly every kid gets hands-on experience with a basketball or football (soccer ball), so the odds of the next Lebron James or Cristiano Ronaldo having never had the chance to participate in these sports is quite low. Yet, consider how many brilliant engineers, groundbreaking scientists, and revolutionary mathematicians we are losing through our current rote learning approach to STEM education.

We face a worldwide shortage of STEM graduates because we are failing to excite and motivate our youth to pursue rewarding STEM careers. The Revolution Robotics Foundation exists to close that gap by making robotics challenges and competitions affordable, accessible, educational, fair, and fun for all kids.