Shipping policy

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The Revolution Robotics program is meant to be an international educational experience and we are prepared to ship robots anywhere in the world. Since all of the charging cables included in the kit are universal USB cables, there are no concerns with outlet adapters.

Our Revolution Robotics Challenge Kits are available to purchase now. Domestic orders from the USA will take ~4-7 days depending on where you are located, and international orders typically take ~7-9 days to arrive.

Challenge kit Details

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The Challenge Kit is designed to be open source, affordable and easier for students and adults alike to use. Lower cost, mobile control and programming, free online resources and activities, and open source community support all help make the Challenge Kit an incredible option for educational and competitive robotics.

While the Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit is suitable for any age, the kit will be used for competitions hosted for students ages 8 - 13.

Yes. The Challenge Kit is suitable for any skill level and anyone over the age of 8. Novices can follow the provided instructions to assemble their first robot and then use the Revolution app's drag and drop features to configure, program and control their robot. Experienced robot builders can enjoy the opportunity of building their own creation and then accessing the Python based coding in the app to write their code.

We are using the Raspberry Pi Zero W, a $10 micro-computer with build in bluetooth and wifi, in our Robot Brain. The USB and HDMI ports are accessible to makers who wish to extend their robot’s capabilities with third-party accessories.

Any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet can be used to configure, program, and control the robot through our free app. The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit does not require you to spend additional money for a robot controller.

Yes, most definitely. Coding and programming are integral parts of the Revolution Robotics experience. More important, beginners can use the Blockly adapted programming option while more advanced coders can enter into the actual code, based on Python, to achieve more advanced operations. Also, it is important to remember that ours is an open source platform and users can choose from many options to program and use their robot kits.

Yes, the Revolution Robotics App works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The robot's brain is powered by a rechargeable battery built into the brain. Six (6) AA batteries are the power source for the robot's peripherals. The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit comes with six (6) rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Programs & Competitions

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Once the kits are shipped late fall 2019, the Revolution Robotics Foundation will host an online challenge exclusively for backers of the Kickstarter campaign. All backers will be notified by email about the challenge. Backers will post videos and pictures of their robots online (such as on our website, in our forum, on our youtube channel, etc...). Prizes have not been determined, but if you have some ideas about prizes you would like to see, please feel free to email us at

Support & Operations

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Email us at Also, customers will have two additional methods to get in touch with the Revolution Robotics staff. First, customers can visit our "Contact Us" web page and send us a message through our online web form. Second, customers will be able to contact staff for technical support through our online users forum.